Generic Board Setup

This is information i've gathered from various sources and have used over the years for setting up boards.  I would love to attribute this to the orignal author, so if its you get in touch.


Mast foot

The following marks are a starting point for mast foot position. The mast can be more forward or back a 1cm at a time for fine adjustments.

Blasting boards above 110L:

  • Mark 135cm from the tail.

Blasting boards between 90-110L:

  • Mark 135cm from tail.

Manoeuvre orientated boards between 90-110L:

  • Mark 130cm from tail.

Boards 75-90L:

  • Mark 127cm from tail.

Foot Straps

Rear Strap Positioning

For virtually every planing session, regardless of the size, shape and volume of your board, a reliable and effective guide to footstrap position is to have the trailing edge of the back foot next to the leading edge of the fin. This works on early planers, cruisers, high wind blasters and most boards with a fixed fin position (If your board has a Trimbox system which allows adjustment of the fin position, set the fin in its rear position). There is a tolerance of 1-3cm either in front or behind the leading edge of the fin so don't worry if you are not set exactly like this - but try to get fairly close. You'd think that on smaller boards this wouldn't be the case, as the straps are further forward on the board. But if you flip it over, you'll notice that the fin box is further forward too, so the theme does still apply.



There's a wider range of settings once you move into the wavey, freestyle environment - on some freestyle and wave boards (especially those with the classic box fin fitting, the fin can be set much further forward and right under the back foot, which makes the board even more pivotal, but more sensitive to foot pressure. However, this is very much for experts only, who will hopefully already have a good understanding of the relationship between fin and footstrap position, and know what they like!


Ok, so you've set the back strap, now we look at the front strap.


Front Strap Positioning

You would think that with the diversity in people's height, there would be a massive difference in strap spread. However, the mechanics of how a windsurfer works and the foot spread needed to establish control over the board largely over-rides the big differences in leg length. A 6' sailor certainly doesn't need their straps 6" further apart than someone 5'6"! Whilst tall people might still favour a slightly wider spread than shorter people, nearly every sailor ends up with roughly 55-60cm between their straps (when measured centre to centre of strap).

So let's now look at the factors which might affect how wide a strap spread you require - bearing in mind that for anything other than advanced freestyle or wave sailing, your primary objective with strap positioning is keeping the board flat. Starting with a strap spread of 57-58cm (which is probably close to what most 5'6"-6'0" people would be happy using for most of the time), this is how you COULD fine-tune. 



Fin size

The following is a guide, a larger or smaller fin could be used to power up / depower.

6.5 32cm

6m 30cm

5.6 28cm

5m 25cm

4.7 23cm

4.5 22cm



+ 1 for each less wind

- 1 for windier or better sailor