Skin Repair

 On some boards a sandwich construction isn’t used for either part or all of the construction. This JP Funride claims to have a sandwich construction, but obviously not in the damaged areas.

 Step 1

The broken material needs to be removed. This extends further than first apparent, as for about 20mm around the hole the skin was very soft. I think this is a combination of the skin being stretched and the core being damaged. Anyway this is mostly removed along with any damaged core. The edge of the damaged area is feathered out, ready for the skin to be repaired.

Step 2

Core repair. Two part polyurethane foam is used to repair the eps core. It expands massively when mixed, so only around 4ml was needed to fill this hole! Once cured the foam is faired to inline with skin.

Step 3

This skin is now replaced with material matching the original. In this case 1mm of glass, or 5 layers of 200gms cloth. Its best not to wet the cloth out the edge to make feathering out easier later. On simple flat(or gently curved, not noses or rails) patches like this do not need vacuum bagging. Use an old credit card to scrape out excess resin and compact the laminate. You will hear “pst” noises as air is removed – your done when is quiet!

Step 4

Fair with surrounding are when cured. Now to paint.